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The history of LaVie

Serendipity is at the origin of many innovations, such as penicillin, and in combination with biomimicry, velcro. It is this principle that our co-founders implemented for the discovery of the LaVie process. While they were working on a solar concentration system to pasteurize water in developing countries, they tasted the water after it was exposed to solar radiation: transformed, the water now had the finesse of excellent bottled water!
Reproductions of the trial and months of bibliographic research have led to the following conclusions: obtaining better water quality after exposure to sunlight is not by chance, and the phenomena involved can be reproduced. We have thus drawn inspiration from this natural process to develop our technology.


Our technology

LaVie's operating principle is based on a patented process, the photolysis of chlorine by UV-A, which leads to a complex and totally natural oxidation reaction resulting in the purification of water. Indeed, it permits:

  • The disappearance of chlorine and its derivatives, which are responsible for bad taste and odours

  • Water sterilization

  • The reduction of organic pollutants, such as pesticides and traces of drugs

Our non-intrusive technology therefore makes it possible to drastically improve tap water quality, without using consumables and without requiring maintenance, by eliminating harmful compounds while preserving the trace elements necessary for well-being.
LaVie technology is driven by two main objectives, namely to help Humans by providing them with access to pure water that is good for their health, and to preserve the environment by combating plastic pollution of the oceans, which is unfortunately increased by the consumption of mineral water sold in plastic bottles.

Our products

LaVie technology is available in several products, all based on the same operating principle.
Thus, the following components are common to our products and are available in several models:

  • An ultra-transparent bottle made of borosilicate glass for passing UV-A, shock and heat resistant, topped with a natural bamboo cap

  • A case to host the bottle and including a LED band emitting UV-A radiation

  • A power source with low power consumption that can treat 500 L of water for 1€


Our range is made up of three products that meet the needs of everyone.

LaVie 2GO (0.5 L)

Our most compact model is perfect for travellers, adventurers and sports enthusiasts who want quality water as they go along thanks to a small size bottle (0.5 L) and power supply via a USB port. The case is an anodised aluminium tube with a low carbon footprint and is available in two colours, charcoal and silver. It is also very popular with children for school, as well as in offices and co-working spaces. Offering it to your employees eliminates water fountains, their maintenance and bacterial risks.
It also attacks half-litre plastic bottles, a very popular format that has a very negative environmental impact.

LaVie Pure (1 L)

This model with a larger capacity (1 L) is particularly suitable for households. With its anodized aluminum case, it will perfectly match modern kitchen furniture, while taking up less space than a bottle.

LaVie Premium (1 L)

A more elaborate version, with a real bamboo finish, without varnish or chemical treatment. It is the most beautiful product in our range.

It should be noted that durability is part of our values, as well as ease of repair. The UV-A LEDs, supplied by LG, have a lifetime of more than 50,000 hours of treatment, which corresponds to 100,000 (LaVie 2GO) or 200,000 L (LaVie Pure & Premium) of purified water.

All our products are equipped with a bottle presence sensor and treat tap water containing chlorine levels commonly found in Europe in 15 minutes. The delay is automatic: there are no buttons to push, for maximum simplicity and ease of use.

In addition, they all have a button under the case that permits to select 22 or 30 minute treatments for areas where tap water contains more chlorine (for example: in the United States, water is ten times more chlorinated than in France).

Enjoy the taste of bottled water, without its disadvantages, while making a sustainable and, above all, profitable purchase: our products pay for themselves in 6 to 24 months depending on your habits (filter jug, mineral water, tap water) and the number of people in your home. Join a club made up of 100% of users who are happy to have changed their drinking water consumption habits.



Treated water is free of funny tastes, there is no question.

There is no cartridge to replace, therefore no additional fees.

With respect to our water consumption (5 people in the household), the return on investment in comparison with bottled water is less than year, awesome.

Lionel P. verified Boulanger customer

The LaVie technology won an innovation award at the famous Consumer Electronics Show of Las Vegas in 2018, thanks to
its eco-minded design and sustainable purification process.

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